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“I never was certain our not-for-profit Scout Troop had all the coverages it needed to protect our volunteers. After a five-minute interview with Union Bay, I got a customized insurance diagnostic report that I could print out and shop anywhere. Union Bay got the job done right!”

- Allan Williams, Scoutmaster
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“We have always had an insurance agent, but they never really had the time to give us advice and counsel. We were never sure if we had all the coverage we needed, or in the right amounts. The Union Bay process was so simple and straightforward, and I could bring an easy-to-read report to my Board for their consideration. When I got the the OK to move forward, the Union Bay staff worked with me to get the best coverage at the cheapest price. The difference with our old agent is like night and day. Thanks Union Bay!”

- Joel Hammon, CEO, The Learning Cooperatives, Langhorne, PA
The Learning Cooperatives combines the most valuable parts of school—peers, classes, and mentors—with personalized attention and the freedom to choose what and how children learn.
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“We support our local State Park 11 months of the year, but we also run a music festival every summer. The risks and exposures of that event make us all worried. The Union Bay interview process gave us a simple document that put all our insurance needs on one page for us to consider. From there, It was simple to make decisions. The Union Bay staff is excellent, and post-sale, I know where to find all my insurance information whenever we need it. If you're not using Union Bay, you're doing insurance the hard way! ”

- Cheryl Sundberg, Friends of the Porkies, Ontonagon, MI
Friends of the Porkies supports Porcupine Mountains State Park, assisting its staff and connecting its users to wild spaces.

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