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But am I really covered?

If you are an executive, board member, or even a volunteer for a nonprofit, and you are responsible for buying insurance for the organization, chances are you are frustrated. Has your agent given you a walk-through of your potential exposures, and then recommended coverages and limits that are appropriate to address those exposures? Or has your agent simply asked, “What coverages do you want?” or maybe slightly better, “Most organizations get general liability. How much limit do you want to buy?”

And your answer is, well, I don’t know. How much do other organizations get?

If you are a small organization, you may be lucky to get that much attention because the agent might see you as a nuisance.

We created Union Bay to address these issues. Nonprofit organizations ought to be entitled to a thoughtful review of their exposures, and a comprehensive offering and explanation of how insurance can address those exposures. It’s not that hard, and we created business logic and AI to make it simple for you to see what to buy, and how much. We created a simple, easy to read format for you to use to help make your decisions, or bring to your Board for consideration. And we’re standing by to help you if and when you need it, with over 80 different insurers competing to offer you coverage.

We hope to make the insurance buying process as simple and efficient as it can be. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

In future blog posts, we’ll address coverages and some of the issues you should consider as a nonprofit principal. All of our staff are also volunteers in community organizations, so we know what the challenges are. Try our interview process. Or talk to us. We’re here to help!

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