About Us

Union Bay Risk Advisors LLC

Our Commitment to Results

Union Bay has access to over 80 insurance companies, so we are confident we can find the right coverage for you.  In addition, we use proprietary technology to search out publicly available information about your current insurance coverage, so if we have contacted you, it is because we are fairly certain you are paying too much for insurance and we can do better.  Give us a try – you will be glad you did.

Who we are

Union Bay Risk Advisors LLC was founded by experienced insurance and technology veterans who believed there was a need for simple, straightforward insurance consultation and advice, and created a better way to purchase insurance.

Our Location

We are based in Princeton, New Jersey, but our founders also have a long connection with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a beautiful and scenic area of the Midwest that has seen massive job losses as mines and mills in the area closed for good. A talented and dedicated workforce needed to be connected via technology to the wider economy, and Union Bay is a way to do that. We are proud to offer good jobs with full benefits to the people of Ontonagon County, Michigan, and expect to be growing more American jobs there in the future.

Our Experience

Union Bay is staffed with experienced insurance professionals who understand risk and the insurance marketplace.  We have access to over 80 insurers, and we are certain we can find the right coverage for you.

The Team